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Things I've Learned About Virtuemart

After configuration - which will generally be done by us - there is an order you need to proceed by in order to have stress-free setup of your products.
1.  You MUST create your categories first. Create the top-level category.
Do not rush ahead and then create products and place them in the category that you just created because they will NOT display - anywhere.
2.  Create a sub-category for the category that you just created, and assign it to the category via the drop down on the bottom left of the page. This is where the products will be associated.
3.  Create the products for the sub-category you just created. Assign the products to the sub-category by selecting from the drop-down at the upper right of the product information page. DO NOT associate them with the top-level category! They will not display - anywhere.
4.  Create the second category (top-level)
5.  Create the sub-category for the new category and assign it to the new category.
6.  Create the products that are assigned to the sub-category you just created.
6.a. To create products, click on product in VM Control Panel. Click on New on upper right.

6.b. Enter product information, make selections in manufacturer, category, and shopper group by clicking in the box. A list will be displayed for selections.

6.c. Select the Product Description tab, enter your product description.

6.d. Unless you are stocking items and shipping, the Product Status and Product Dimensions and Weight tabs are not used.

6.e. Select the Product Images tab. Scroll to bottom and check the radio button for Upload. Click on browse and select and upload your product images. You can only upload one at a time.

6.f. Unless you create custom fields for your products, the custom fields tab is unused.

6.g. Click Save and Close on the upper right. Your product has been entered.

7. And so on...

Don't be alarmed if after you are done with the products, you look on the front-end of your site and there is a warning about assigning VirtueMart to a menu item.  It simply means that you have to create your menu and assign VirtueMart to the menu items you are creating for your shop.

Most online shops display items by category.  I've found that really is the cleanest, least confusing option.
To have your menu display only one category at a time, you first need to create modules for the categories.
To do this, please see the video - Creating new VirtueMart Modules.