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SP Newsletter

SP Newsletter enables you use any previously created article as your newsletter.
So basically, you create an article in the category blog format entitled Newsletters. Each time you want to send out a newsletter, you create an article with the title Newsletter followed by the date of creation. In the category blog format, these articles will each be loaded on the same menu page in a column format. In the menu parameters for the Newsletter, you choose how many columns, how many articles, etc...
When you want to send a newsletter, after you have the article created, you go to Components > SP Newsletter.  It will bring up the sites article listing, thereby allowing you to choose which article you want to choose and send out.
You have a user base that has people and email addresses contained within. This is acheivable by having a "sign up for our mailing list" menu item that uses a component called Mailster.  Will cover that with a document on Mailster.
You choose to whom you send the newletter. Choose the user group (default is registered) and check the box if you want to send to any child groups of the group you have chosen.
Modifiy the article if needed.
Click the send email button at the top of the page.
Done. Your newsletter has gone out.